Over 13 Years of Successful Entrepreneurship

Brandon helps small business owners and entrepreneurs focus to get results and unlock the money.

I arrived in Arizona back in 2002 and made it my personal mission to master the art of business, so I could work towards true financial freedom. Learning everything the hard way, I’ve experienced both successes and failures. From losing everything, getting extremely ill, to being fired from my own company…I’ve been through it all. I’ve embraced these experiences, and this is what allows me to help my clients navigate their own challenges and find solutions. I am not an overnight success, but after all these years I have built a profitable foundation as an influential entrepreneur with a team of successful experts. I’m ready to help you!

All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.

- Sun Tzu

Small Business
Solutions Expert

Over the last 13 years Brandon Pride has become The Small Business Solutions Expert and developed many skills in small business. As a pragmatic and influential Entrepreneur and Small Business Advisor with a strong background in the achievement of sustainable growth across start-up entities and early stage ventures, he demonstrates the proven ability to implement growth strategies and enhance operations within several industries inclusive of Professional Services, Soft Tech, Health and Wellness and Small Business Finance, among various others.

Brandon possesses exceptional communication skills, coupled with a commitment to building critical relationships. He has achieved remarkable successes in the realization of revenue, assets and improved valuation through the establishment and execution of effective strategic plans. Combine exceptional consultancy strengths with a commitment to high impact results and achieving business objectives with a proven track record in capital formation, deal structuring, and revenue generation.

Skills & Experience

  • Entrepreneurship / Business Start Ups
  • Investor Relations (IR) / Strategic Management
  • Operational Excellence & Business Strategy
  • Concept Development & Concept Commercialization
  • Financial Management & Capital Formation
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Business Transformation & Restructure
  • Client Management & Relationship Building
  • Deal Structuring & Small Business Banking


  • Owned, Operated and Started Over a Dozen Small Businesses and Ventures
  • Successfully Advised, Consulted and Mentored for the Last 7 Years to Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners
  • Achieved Short and Long-Term Capital Gains
  • Always Started from Scratch and Boot Strapped Every Business and Venture He Had
  • Raised over $5,000,000 both personally and for clients (Private Equity and Bank Financing)
  • Has Had Successes and Epic Failures!
  • Has Served as a Fiduciary and Advisory Board Member
  • Successfully Obtained Bank Financing for His Clients
  • Multiple Presentations to Investors and Boards
  • Built Advisory Boards with Industry Experts
  • Taken Companies from Startup to Profitability in One Year
  • Packaged Over 20 Small Businesses and New Ventures that Successfully Acquired Funding
  • Been a Founder, Co-Founder, CEO, COO, CFO

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