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Professionally Package Your Business Or Opportunity To Gain Capital

You must validate your request, structure a deal you can close and present with a package that resonates!"

Every business needs money at one point or another, what they don’t tell you is that you need the money before you think you need it. Money is the largest hurdle with all small businesses and startups, getting funded can be complicated and highly frustrating. Avoid the frustration and over complication, make sure you get the opportunity you deserve. Complete this process and create the professional package you need to get funded.

Brandon has learned the hard way about obtaining private equity, debt and bank financing. Having successfully obtained over $5,000,000 in financing for new ventures and small businesses, he knows what it takes to package, present and structure a deal that attracts and meets the criteria of an investor or lender. Dealing with investors and bankers is a learned skill that comes from experience in successfully securing capital and learning what investors and banks look for!

When you properly present the right information in the right way, you drastically increase your chances to gain funding. This is an area where you must be ready, you only have one shot and you cannot afford to not be prepared.

3 Reasons

To Go Through This Process

  • You have to show you have validated your assumptions to justify your capital request. This means major capital expenditures, ongoing operating costs, staff,marketing, sales projections, timelines and benchmarks. This is a must, show that you know your business and what you are doing.
  • The deal structure that works is the one you can close. It’s critical to create the appropriate deal structure that will work for both parties, know what is practical and what is not. Too often owners and investors don’t see eye to eye, be the exception to the rule.
  • Your package must meet the criteria of the individual or institution and everyone is different. Understand who you are appealing to and what their requirements and trigger points are.

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