Brandon’s outstanding review of my business practices, contracts and legal docs, along with his regular consulting over these past few years with my SEO companies, has changed how I operate and changed the way we do contracts and negotiations, which made a massive improvement in our sales for another new company. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable and and an all-around pleasure to deal with both personally and professionally. Brandon represents what a true business consultant should be.

Working with Brandon I was able to achieve profitability in my first year, obtain $100k in bank financing and scale the business! When we met I was great at sales but needed someone to guide me in how to successfully operate a business, operating and growing a business is a whole different skill set. Brandon not only provided me solutions, he also mentored me through the growing pains. I’ve been in business now for over five years and we keep growing!

As a former Board Member and Fellow of the Business School at U of A and owner of several leading Arizona companies, I seek outstanding managers capable of meeting difficult challenges. I have had the honor of working with Brandon Pride for over 5 years. During that time he has proved to be a valuable and trusted member of our management team. I would highly recommend Brandon as a talented and high-performance addition to any company.

8 months ago when I first reached out to Brandon my startup was lacking the necessary momentum. In the short period of time since he has guided me through company formation, formulating funding documents, attracting the right investors, gaining seed funding, budgeting, dynamic timelines, acquiring partners, consultants, and product validation.

Furthermore, the relationships Brandon has introduced me to will continue to grow my business for what looks to be some great years of my life.

Brandon has put me on the right path, with a map, gear, provisions, and guides. I have no doubt I will make it to see my dreams of becoming a successful inventor come to fruition.

Thank you Brandon!

Brandon was a tremendous resource in acquiring funding to expand our tanning salon operation. We found out that conventional bank loans were nearly impossible for us to obtain, but Brandon was able to find us financing through other channels at a very low cost to the business.

In addition to Brandon’s expertise in business finance, Brandon has been a constant resource for solid advice. With the help of Brandon’s knowledge and guidance, our business has experienced year-over-year growth in sales and profitability for five consecutive years!

I am quite honored to provide a personal recommendation for Mr. Brandon Pride.

My experience and working relationship with Brandon spans over 2 years. In that time there have been many challenges as well as accomplishments where as he was instrumental in not only successfully dealing with the business but linking to the personal side of carrying out leadership to the highest of integrity and character.

Brandon’s attributes although many, are his work ethic, solid team synergy, accountable leadership as well as predictable performance. He has spent several years working in a successful role within the business advisory industry with high ratings from internal work partners, suppliers and customers.

You will find in your research that Brandon’s passion for success in addition to economic value is well known within his character. His ability to gauge the situation and handle the topics under stress provides a calm but calculated methodology.

I am confident that his maturity, high integrity, skills and desire to over-perform will be an asset to any personal interaction as well as organization seeking his value.

The investment in Brandon’s coaching has returned to me 10x. In the six months we worked together, my acumen as an entrepreneur has increased extensively. Like so many of us, we start our businesses because we are good at what we do, and we feel that we can do it better than those that used to employ us. However, being a master of your craft, doesn’t necessarily translate to being a master at business. Working with small business 101 gave me back control of my business, and more importantly, my time. Together, Brandon put me through the work to understand, and fulfill with real data, the vision of and direction of my company. In his words, “You’ve come this far on guts and will power. Now it’s time to work smarter and drive this thing forward.”

Brandon is an incredibly reliable source of credible financial information from his customers. He takes the time to truly get to know how a company’s finances work and delivers them in a way that is discernible and easy to identify points of needed improvement. I have known Brandon for about 5 years and am constantly surprised at the companies he is able to help regardless of industry. I have recommended him to potential customers, friends, and other business professionals. Time with Brandon is time well served.

From a commercial lender’s perspective, Brandon is truly exceptional.  He digs deep in order to understand his client and their needs.  He is resourceful.  Brandon also effectively navigates the capital markets to advise for a client’s best solution.  I recommend Brandon.

Brandon is well connected in the Phoenix business community.  He was helpful in making introductions to key contacts in the early stages of my business venture.  He shared valuable insights on how to structure the negotiations and gave sound advice on a number of applicable strategies to implement.  You will be well served just by meeting him even if you don’t end up using his services.  He’s an all-around good guy.

I worked with Brandon for several years helping fellow Entrepreneurs address common hurdles; including everything from raising capital, board formation, marketing plans and hiring employees.  Brandon has a unique talent in taking macro problems and breaking them down into an executable plan.  His ability to see the step-by-step processes for overcoming what often seems like insurmountable obstacles is truly a gift that transforms the overwhelming into achievable success.  He also has the uncommon ability for honest introspection which sets him apart from many business people I’ve dealt with over the last 25 years.  The net result – the honesty and integrity required to help lead entrepreneurs down the right path.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Brandon Pride over the past 5 years. His business acumen has been a critical support as I navigate difficult decisions. Brandon’s guidance around business challenges has helped me plan and execute successful strategies. In addition, Brandon was instrumental in helping us secure a major line of credit that would not have been achieved without his strong connections in the business and banking community.

I worked with Brandon in phoenix with a few startups. One was a finance company that was in trouble because the financial partner walked away from the business. Brandon was working on driving increased business, but the financial statements and ledger were a mess. I was brought in to correct the financials and was able to assist that clean-up. Brandon worked with the client and drove increased business that enabled the company to return to profitability. His work was critical because the business was not profitable and had some issues discovered in the reboot of the financials. The extra business and continued customer flow saved the business and six peoples livelihood.

I have worked alongside with Brandon and have been a beneficiary of his business acumen for close to five years. His ability to assist entrepreneurs get through the minefield that is starting and building a successful business is bar none. He combines his natural personal warmth with an impressive level of knowledge and intuition built from years in the consulting business to guide clients to the best possible outcomes for their businesses. Brandon is attentive and present when assisting clients, and truly wants success for each business he helps grow. I have watched Brandon help clients take an idea, raise capital and turn the idea into a product prototype for launching. Anyone who has met him or worked with him can attest to his altruistic style of consulting, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for business guidance in no matter what stage their business is in.

Brandon and Small Business 101 are excellent outsourced CFO and consultants. Brandon has assisted a number of my clients to get a handle on their business’ cash flow which allowed them to reinvest in the business and see considerable growth. He also consulted for my accounting firm and assisted me in streamlining, systematizing, pricing, and focusing my business to not only prepare me for growth but assist me in seeing that growth occur in the fastest most efficient way possible.

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